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Welcome to Rhino Overhead Door

At Rhino Overhead Door, we know your garage door is more than just an entrance. It’s an entryway into your home and a way out when you need to drive somewhere. And it’s also something that must close securely while you’re away.

And that’s why we at Rhino will come whenever there’s a problem. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or tune-up, or something more serious (such as a broken spring , a door off its tracks, or a problem with the child safety sensors), we’ll fix it.

And we’ll do it even if it’s after hours on Friday night, pouring rain, and we were just about to sit down to watch football.

We’ll fix it; our people have been doing that for 11 years.

And know this - you don’t pay a penny until we’ve personally:

Inspected every major working component
Diagnosed the problem

Quoted you for the work
Approval obtained


You pay our quote. No more, no surprises.
In exchange, you get a door and an opener that work even better than before. Rhino will fix it.

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We fix all types of broken springs!

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