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About Rhino

Ryan Roberts, owner and founder of Rhino Overhead Door, has been fixing garage doors since before he was born.

You see, it all started when his grandfather, Milton Roberts, started his own garage door business as a young man. Then, as the years passed, his father came of age and opened a shop of his own.

And then came Ryan. Learning from his elders, he took over the tradition. Whereas many children start with baseball and action figures, he started with a remote, a wrench, and a frequent position helping his father.

And he hasn’t just rested on that, either. For the past eleven years now, he’s been coming to people’s rescue when that door—that major entryway into your home—refuses to open, refuses to close, or just sounds wrong.

On top of that, he’s also completed extensive factory training with one the biggest garage door and opener manufacturers in the world. So he doesn’t just know doors and openers; he knows the door and opener you own.

Ryan is Rhino. So when you put your garage in our hands, you’re choosing a company that has been helping customers like you for a lifetime—and with the experience of three lifetimes.

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